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Nerd Radio

Aug 31, 2011

We nerd it up to talk about the Steve Jobs walk off, Ghost Rider, and Muppets.

We're then joined by Sim Bateman to discuss Brunch with Coffee and other thick client js projects.

Hosted by Garth Braithwaite and Leif Wells.
Produced by Brad Feuerstein 

Aug 23, 2011

Joined by Michelle Yaiser (finally), Jesse Warden, Michael Labriola, and Brian Rinaldi, we discuss the upcoming RIA Unleashed and its history.

With the help of Code Bass Radio this episode was broadcast live.

Hosted by Garth Braithwaite and Leif Wells
Produced by

Aug 19, 2011

Our producer, Brad Feuerstein, recently returned from Comic-Con San Deigo with tales of wonder.  We review the trailers and news that was released at the conference.

We are also joined by Rachel Luxemburg to announce our coverage of Adobe MAX 2011 and to discuss the upcoming conference.

Hosted by Garth Braithwaite and