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Nerd Radio

Dec 13, 2011

After the first day of the Flex Community Summit, Michael Labriola and Jon Campos from Spoon, join us to discuss their thoughts on the announcements.

Dec 13, 2011

Getting through the morning of the Flex Community Summit, we sit down with Deepa Subramaniam and Andrew Shorten, Adobe Product Managers of the Flex SDK and Tooling.  We discuss the main points summit so far, including, the changes to the Flex SDK and the community...

Nov 28, 2011

Sam Means, founder of Hello Merch and formerly The Format, joins us to talk about the origins of the project.  Hello Merch is an independent company that allows artists to manufacture and sell merchandise online and on tour, without giving up their rights.

We also nerd out about Sam's time with The Format.

Hosted by

Nov 9, 2011

Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, joins us to talk about MAX and his role at it; he also discusses Adobe's new focus.

We also get to nerd out a bit about Dr Who with him.

Best episode, ever.

Hosted by Garth Braithwaite and Leif Wells
Produced by Brad Feuerstein

Oct 10, 2011

Nate Beck, from ZaaLabs, and Sim Bateman, from Simb & Co, join us to discuss their first mobile game, Word Wars.  Hilarity ensues.